The way how C.K. Solution and SMS are redefining digitalization


To support enterprises in digital transformation C.K. Solution and SMS Business Software Solution GmbH formed a strategic alliance. The result will be presented at the SMB Innovation Summit 2019 in Nice.

Small and medium-sized companies in the manufacturing industry are challenged to handle the transition into the digital age – they need general solutions and methods covering all departments and processes. To be ready for the continuously growing demand on punctuality and documentation they need gapless general processes and innovative applications for digital production and gapless document management. Due to complete integration of digital production and document management in connection to SAP Business One CKS and MGS ensure the homogeneity of the applications. These are the prerequisites for the digital transformation within manufacturing - guaranteering the long term existence of the enterprise and the expectations of customers and employees. In this context the trendsetting, intelligent and innovative solutions delivered by CKS and MGS for example automatic slip recognition and the app SBO.APP for warehousing and production are indispensable.

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