Automatic document capture without DMS

CKS.DMS ADR has come of age. Four years ago, we added an invaluable extra function to our archiving solution – automatic document capture. Since then it has matured and has acquired many new refinements such as the processing of remittance advice notices or the recognition and integration of SAP base documents – all under the umbrella of our DMS. And just like for all parents, the moment has come for us to let go. Our ADR is now grown up and independent enough to survive on its own without CKS.DMS.

Time and again we have received requests from our partners and from customers directly, who require automatic document capture, but do not (yet) require a digital archiving solution. We’ve listened and changed. It was a particular challenge for our developers to make sure that some of the archive functions were retained, such as the keyword indexing and full text search. It was also important for us that the CKS.DMS archive remained capable of being updated without major adjustments.


Come and see for yourself and take a look at the Add-on in a Live -Demo.

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