Cloudiax AG

Cloudiax provides IT infrastructures for SAP Business One. This has numerous advantages for the user.

Elektronica SM-Trading GmbH

Elektronica SM-Trading GmbH deals with lighters and other dangerous goods. These goods have a special obligation when importing and selling.

Formpack GmbH

Formpack specializes in packaging made of polystyrene, polyethylene foam and polyurethane foam. These packages are manufactured according to customer requirements.

Microflex Services GmbH

Microflex Services GmbH has placed the requirement on us to reduce the amount of paper generated in its processes as drastically as possible, thereby reducing costs.

motogadget GmbH

The Berlin-based brand motorgadget is synonymous with qualitative high-value instruments and innovative accessories for the motorcycle market.

Panfoods Co. Ltd.

The English coffee supplier Panfoods Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of the Brazilian coffee company Cia.Iguaça, has been using CKS.DMS since the middle of 2017 for its archiving.

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